2017 Celebrates 25 years at Little River Kennels! 



Located in the heart of New Hampshire’s beautiful lakes region,  we have been blessed to be able to raise our Llewellins in such a beautiful area that is rural yet close in proximity to CT, MA, ME, VT, RI for those who want to visit.  We are a small kennel and produce on average two litters a year. A  majority of our customers come from all over New England. We also have dogs as far away as California, Alaska and Canada. Our Dogs and litters are registered the AMERICAN FIELD DOG STUD BOOK. (FDSB). All breeding pairs are DNA Tested and the results on file with the American Field Dog Registry. Our bloodlines consist primarily of American bloodlines. The average setter male is 45-55lbs. and the average size if the dams are 35-45 lbs. Colors are Orange/White, Black/white and Tri-Color.

LLewellin Setter Field Trials: Little River Kennels sponsored and hosted the first ever North East Regional Llewellin Setter Field trial in the Fall of 1995 held at High Point Preserve in Alton NH. With the huge success of this event we went on to sponsor and host 1996 and 1997 trials in Alton NH as well. You may be wondering why we never held any more trials after this, well, we started a family and life got busy. But also the place where we once held those trials is now a housing development and home to several of our friends. Someday we hope to do it again.

In the NEWS:  You may have seen us around.  Our pups have been featured on magazine covers and found in New Hampshire Sportsman.

*Click HERE for Bird Dog & Retriever News Cover April/May 2009

*Below is our first dog "SPOT" on the cover of New Hampshire Sportsman Frebruary 1995



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