• Our Dogs and Litters are registered by the AMERICAN FIELD DOG STUD BOOK. (FDSB)

  • All breeding pairs are DNA Tested and the results on file with the American Field Dog Registry.

  • All breeding pairs are were tested in October of 2018 with EmbarkVet Genetic Screening. All results-Not at Risk & Not a Carrier

  • Our bloodlines consist primarily of American bloodlines.

  • The average male is 45-60lbs. Average size if the dams are 35-50 lbs.

  • Colors are White/Orange, White/Black and White/Chestnut —Tri-Color are White/Black/Tan & White/Chestnut/Tan

For the Family: Llewellin Setters are highly intelligent dogs: they make devoted pets and extraordinary hunters. It is important to note the calm nature of theses dogs which makes them an excellent candidate for the hunter who wants a dog the whole family can love.

For the Hunter: Llewellin setters have a high degree of natural field ability. As pups they are bold hunters that mature quickly and are commonly seen hunting at under a year of age. They are very comfortable to the gun and seem to focus their work around the handler. The cooperative nature of these dogs also makes them easy to train and most succeed and mature nicely with general instruction.

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Four Generations